Doctor Who 50th Anniv books!


I kinda made a mistake in buying this first book because I haven’t watched any of the old DW seasons which renders me clueless in the quirks, situations, companions, and enemies of the first Doctor. In any case, I aim to collect the rest of the 10 books for my personal library. First books in a series are always hard to find, so I grabbed this immediately.

In any case, I already bought 9th and 10th on Amazon which will be shipped in a care box by June. Can’t wait to read them!

New books!


I read this in my Master’s class and was assigned to report on it but I only had a photocopy of the text. Yay for a copy of this book after years! It’s a postcolonial response to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre where the protagonist, Antoinette Cosway, is the face behind Eyre’s “madwoman in the attic.”



I was just randomly browsing the young adult section when I chanced upon this book in a local bookstore where I almost squealed loudly with glee! This book is on my Amazon wish list, so that’s one less item from the stuff I wish to covet. I’m a Whovian, and John Barrowman is so hot even if he’s totally gay. I hope this is a good, exciting YA fantasy ride!

My favorite LOTR movie scenes

My forced house arrest is giving me LOTS of time to watch movies, and because I was in a geeky mode I had a The Lord of the Rings extended movie marathon last weekend! I think I am not the only one who puts this movie franchise at the top of the list of BEST movie adaptation of a fantasy novel ever. I still got emotional while watching it from beginning to end (I think was pretty hormonal at that time but hey, my love is still overflowing for everyone who made this impossible project possible).

I am a fan of epic battle scenes, and I just had to take a snapshot of these on my computer:

Battle at Helm’s Deep

In the movie The Two Towers, the people of Rohan sought refuge at Helm’s Deep to protect them from Saruman’s incoming army. Unfortunately, when King Theoden was still under the spell of Wormtongue (Saruman’s spy and envoy), he unjustly banished the Rohirrim, therefore weakening Rohan’s defenses. All that’s left were the elderly, women, children, Legolas, Gimli, King Theoden, and Aragorn. After Gandalf exorcised Saruman’s spirit from the king, he left Edoras, and promised to return on the 5th day of battle. Spirits lifted when the Elves led by Haldir came before the war and extended their help. Even with the Elves by their side though, the good were still on the losing end from the monsters until Gandalf came with the Rohirrim on the crest of the hill at sunrise, therefore blinding their evil enemies as they charged down the hill and won this battle. Woot!

In the movie The Return of the King, the city border, Osgilliath, has been breached, and Sauron wanted to bring down Minas Tirith, the land of the kings, and humankind’s last defense against war. The winning ‘team’ from Helm’s Deep and reinforcements from other cities came to the defense and King Theoden’s inspirational speech to the troops was very moving. It mattered not that they were outnumbered, but the passion and courage of mankind to defend good and its people made the Sauron fleet tremble. Love it!