Doctor Who 50th Anniv books!


I kinda made a mistake in buying this first book because I haven’t watched any of the old DW seasons which renders me clueless in the quirks, situations, companions, and enemies of the first Doctor. In any case, I aim to collect the rest of the 10 books for my personal library. First books in a series are always hard to find, so I grabbed this immediately.

In any case, I already bought 9th and 10th on Amazon which will be shipped in a care box by June. Can’t wait to read them!

New books!


I read this in my Master’s class and was assigned to report on it but I only had a photocopy of the text. Yay for a copy of this book after years! It’s a postcolonial response to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre where the protagonist, Antoinette Cosway, is the face behind Eyre’s “madwoman in the attic.”



I was just randomly browsing the young adult section when I chanced upon this book in a local bookstore where I almost squealed loudly with glee! This book is on my Amazon wish list, so that’s one less item from the stuff I wish to covet. I’m a Whovian, and John Barrowman is so hot even if he’s totally gay. I hope this is a good, exciting YA fantasy ride!