Featured Filipino Author: Dean Alfar (Part I)

I vowed to support more Filipino authors and start alloting a budget for their books but I started researching for their works online because I don’t know where to start. And so I gravitated towards the advocate of speculative fiction writing in the Philippines, Dean Alfar.

The first short story that I read online was The New Daughter, a tale of a certain toy maker that we all know from a popular fairy tale.

“Now we must be patient, you and I,” he told her. “If my son could come to life, then certainly so can you.”

To read the whole story online, click here. Warning: It’s sad. It pinched my heart but it was just so good that it blew me away at the same time.

I got hooked so I proceeded to search for more of his published stories online. I’m a fiction fanatic so I focused on his work that I found on the Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler page. Entitled Six From Downtown, these are six short stories that I devoured in one sitting. Out of the six, my favorites are The Wet Market, The Red Light District, and The Housing Projects, all of which dealt with the mystical/mythological. I’m a fan.

When I passed by Fully Booked, the homegrown section featured a thin book with his daughter, Sage, which I, of course, purchased for only Php 199.


The father-daughter tandem wrote eight wonderful stories and my favorites are The Blade of Virtuous Water (Dean), ASHI > Fix This (Sage), and Stars in Jars (Sage). This time, the daughter won me over.

When I was in Baguio two weeks ago, I shopped for more books at Mt. Cloud bookstore because we were staying in Casa Vallejo, Hill Station, for a night. I picked up The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2005-2010 that Dean co-edited with his wife, Nikki, but I haven’t finished reading it yet so that will be for a separate post real soon. It encouraged me to plan and make time to write a short story in my lifetime in this genre, and when I feel one or more are good enough, maybe I’d have the gall to submit to some literary contests.

In the meantime, let me help you read more fantastic Philippine spec fiction, dear readers. Start with him!

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