The Best Plot Twist in Fiction So Far

One seemingly insignificant character for six seasons turns out to be the hero of the millennia. The geniuses behind this idea (Weiss, Benioff, & Martin) clearly deserve a medal, a trophy or a lifetime achievement probably for making HODOR already a pop culture icon. That really escalated things quickly. I dunno how long the Hodor puns will survive but am sure it will live on for quite a while, for even non-GoT fans will be compelled to know what’s behind all the smirks, maybe sad faces every time someone has to “hold the door.”

It’s just bloody brilliant. Never has death been so memorable in the world of fantasy and fiction until now. Well, yeah, Dumbledore died, but he didn’t live on to have a cultural significance in everyday lives. I don’t recall anything as impactful as this, as him. He’s coming to Manila soon and I’ll try to catch him at the Toy Con! I’m sure there’s going to be a stampede in a rush to hug this big fella.



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