Disney’s Descendants trailer

Disney Channel’s original upcoming movie is about the spawns of villains! The trailer has, expectedly, the High School Musical teeny-bopper feels. The most interesting parent-child pair is Maleficent and her daughter, played by I-used-to-play-a-good-witch Kristen Chenoweth and a b*tchy Dove Cameron. I wonder if producers are looking into featuring a different set of villain offsprings for its sequel. They could create a Disney villain universe and let all their stories intertwine like the TV series Once Upon A Time. I wouldn’t be surprised.  I wonder if my niece will like it. I wonder if I will like it. My only motivation to watch it is to see if (Glinda turned) Maleficent follows through with her sass all the way. Let’s see.


The Prophet official movie trailer

It’s a bit of a surprise that they made this Khalil Gibran bestseller an animated movie, but I do think the anecdotes have better impact with a story book feel, with no other than Liam Neeson as the storyteller slash voice of wisdom! This one’s something to look forward to.