The Other Side of Chaos by Margaret Silf


  • Live primarily in the new mind-set, defined by your new situation, not the old one.
  • Approach the transition by viewing it primarily as a birth, not a death.
  • Maintain a creatively critical stance toward the transition.
  • Give yourself time to catch up with the speed of change.
  • Reflect on the legacy of anything you feel you have lost or had to leave behind.
  • Don’t try to adapt to structures that are themselves distorted.
  • Shed baggage.
  • Accept responsibility for what happens to your life.
  • Allow yourself to grieve for your losses.
  • Face your fears.
  • Remember other times of transition that you have already navigated.
  • Focus on the deepest center, the core of your being.
  • Envision the future as you would like it to become.
  • Seek and nourish community.
  • Apply the wisdom of twelve-step spirituality.