New books!


I read this in my Master’s class and was assigned to report on it but I only had a photocopy of the text. Yay for a copy of this book after years! It’s a postcolonial response to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre where the protagonist, Antoinette Cosway, is the face behind Eyre’s “madwoman in the attic.”



I was just randomly browsing the young adult section when I chanced upon this book in a local bookstore where I almost squealed loudly with glee! This book is on my Amazon wish list, so that’s one less item from the stuff I wish to covet. I’m a Whovian, and John Barrowman is so hot even if he’s totally gay. I hope this is a good, exciting YA fantasy ride!

Much Ado About Nothing official movie trailer (2013)

I have a vague memory of the 1993 adaptation which I know I liked (Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Keanu Reeves, etc.). A long, long time ago I auditioned for the part of Hero in my drama club in high school, but the moderator told me I was too fierce and strong so I fit the part of Beatrice more. The production didn’t push through (and I was casted as a maid instead, haha). Anyways, this Joss Whedon adaptation looks really modern and cool. The black and white trailer is very chic. After a very successful Avengers franchise, I was pleasantly surprised he’s trying on a Shakespeare adaptation. Must be the craze to modernize the classics, huh?


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters official trailer

Aaaaaaahhhh! Can’t wait! I was a bit sad that the first movie was a flop, but am sure glad that 20th Century Fox gave these awesome Greek stories another chance. The trailer looks real good now, and thank goodness Annabeth’s hair is now blonde to match her book character. I am a bit disappointed that Tyson though is not a big, giant baby 😦 Last words on this: rainbow-colored hippocampi! Heehee.