Man of Steel trailer #2

Superman’s the first male superhero I adored in my childhood. Yes, I believed in the late Christopher Reeve and felt that “Can You Read My Mind?” is romantic. I am thrilled about this new franchise though, because it obviously has advanced digital effects and has a more complex story. The trailer gave me chills. Can’t wait for Superman to come back!

The Rise of the Guardians

Rise_of_the_Guardians_posterThe trailer wasn’t able show how wonderful this movie is. After seeing the movie, I was surprised to feel that even as an adult now, I missed how excited I felt about the involvement of these characters in my formation as a child. Some pragmatic parents refuse to raise their kids believing these fictional personas, but this movie clearly explains why these myths are important in keeping the hope and wonder alive within us.

Dreamworks animation clearly comes to par with Pixar for this visually arresting film. You don’t have to watch it in 3D to appreciate the details of their hard work in animating Sandman’s particles, the liquid stealthiness of Pitch, and the intricate creeping of Jack’s frost, just to name a few. Peter Ramsey directs, William Joyce (the author of the books) & Guillermo del Toro produces. The stellar voice cast featuring Chris Pine (Jack Frost), Alec Baldwin (North/Santa Claus), Hugh Jackman (Easter Bunny), Isla Fisher (Tooth Fairy), and Jude Law (Pitch/Boogeyman) all brought out the happy vibes in their alter egos. It’s a fun, wild time having all of them in one room! Of course, the storyline always has to have those destiny questions that we can all relate to: what is your center? What are you meant to be doing? Why do you need to do it? Is it just for yourself, or for the good of the many? How do you conquer your own fears and doubts?

It’s probably the BEST movie I’ve seen all year. One critic said that it’s bound to be a Christmas classic in all its worth, but it hasn’t made much of a dent in the box-office in the US because more people watched that friggin’ vampire movie. Go watch it while you still can! It’s worth bringing your whole family along, it’s worth buying the original dvd, it’s worth re-watching every Christmastime!

Let fear not cloud our hearts. In our children there is hope, and in adults who believed in our invisible friends, you’d have to agree that the little seeds of wonder and wishful thinking these legends instilled in us helped make dreams come true!

(Now lemme get a hold of the Guardians of Childhood books this film was based on. I’ll try to collect them. I wanna get a Sandy plushie toooooo!)