Snow White and the Huntsman movie

It’s edgy and glamorous. The tone is dark and heavy, like the feeling that something bad is about to happen. The story of the little girl happens in the context of war to conquer kingdoms, and a powerful sorceress tricks the king to make her his bride so she could take his throne eventually. To gain immortality, the evil witch must kill the fairest maiden in the land who happens to be the late king’s daughter. There is a prince who is a childhood friend and there’s the huntsman ordered to capture and bring back the fair maiden. So how does this movie tweak the original fairy tale? One of the seven dwarves die, the true love’s kiss is from the huntsman, Snow White gets to be queen, but there’s no happily ever after. The narrator disappeared in the ending. I am disappointed.

The visuals are stunning. Everything was eye candy, and even the editing and cinematography were beautiful. Alas, it seems that this movie is a beautiful crystal container that’s quite hollow on the inside. The witch/evil stepmother’s brother was an unnecessary character. I don’t understand where Snow White got her Mother nature affinity when she was obviously imprisoned all her life in the tower before escaping. The encounter with the troll was baffling. She stared at it and it got ashamed and went away. Er, why? The dwarves brought them to an enchanted forest and I’m reminded by Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke at Snow White’s encounter with the stag with enormous antlers who’s a male nature god. The movie is implying that even nature is rebelling against the evil queen because she’s destroying flora, fauna, and humans. It seems likely that Snow White is the champion of goodness, sure, but as Mother Nature’s envoy? It seemed a bit off. After that, the little dwarf named Gus dies saving her, which makes it just 6 dwarves in the story now.

I don’t understand the queen’s beauty curse. There wasn’t any salvation in it, even if her mother who gave her the spell told her it was her strength. I don’t get it. And, I don’t get why Snow White ends up alone.

Charlize Theron is great as a baddie. She’s gorgeous but scary. Love it when she does a low, slow drawl/growl. Chris Hemsworth’s Irish (? Scottish?) accent is impeccable. I can’t say the same for Kristen Stewart who flubs her British twang. And, for a princess, she doesn’t radiate sweetness. She just looks like a grumpy girl locked in a tower too long. Let’s just say she can’t display ‘softness’ because her expression’s always angsty and troubled. I think the movie’s tone matches her disposition, but I don’t find her fit for any princess-who-kicks-ass roles. Mulan did a better job than her.

I saw a write-up where Hemsworth is up for a sequel. Would KStew accept the offer? Oh dear. Maybe the happily ever after is in the sequel.

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