The Doomspell Trilogy: The Scent of Magic by Cliff Mcnish

scent of magic Dragwena is dead, Ithrea’s summer has been restored, and the planet’s children freely roam and play in it after being released from the curse of the high witch. Book two of the trilogy continues with the return of Rachel & Eric to Earth, along with their Ithrean friends Morpeth and the prapsies. Back on Earth, children all over the world try out their newly-discovered magic, and adults stand helpless seeing flying toddlers, animals, and instant melting rainbows, among all the things that one never thought possible before. While the Earthlings worry about the dangers of this new-found freedom, back on the planet of Ool, Dragwena’s mother, Heebra, and daughter Calen, gather their army of witches to avenge the death by ambushing Rachel and Eric on Earth and coaches a child army of deviants to defeat them. In the African part of the world, a little boy named Yemi creates a gravitational pull of power that risks the lives of all the children of the world, but becomes the crucial character that resolves this battle of good and evil.

The main conflict of absolute freedom versus responsibility over such magical powers provide the complexity in the plot of this second installation in the trilogy. Tables have turned against the default biological seniority of adults over life matters and they’re rendered almost useless when the fate of the world lies in their children.  Deviants become the crooks of crimes, law-breakers that tipped the moral scale to a dangerous angle. It’s a chilling moment to realize how much the innocent (and the not-so-innocent) have to sacrifice in their moments of battle in this book, and how at early years have to grow-up instantly and make mature, immediate decisions during worldwide peril. New sets of characters are introduced as the world prepares for its doom: a spectrum is a kind of child that has the ability of being a communication satellite. Spectrums act like immobile antennae, still as a statue, with huge ears that hear sounds even above the earth’s atmosphere, telekinetic with the spectrums across the globe. Thrill-seekers carry the spectrums, and as the name implies, are the only people with guts to take care of the immobile satellites to places of danger. Sentinels are children geared up for military battle, adept at protection and diversionary tactics. What have they got against centuries-old witches? It was a matter of sacrifice, faith, and innate goodness that saved humanity. It was the anguish and cry of a little boy that unleashed the power to undo the spells of evil…

The sheer humanism of this second book will leave you breathless. It is a journey of heartbreak and human triumph, it is still the reiteration of family, friendship and moral integrity. The climactic ending wil be served by A Wizard’s Promise, the third book.